Evolve Architect Services

Evolve Architects offers a full range of architect services to meet all of our clients’ architecture needs from project inception to project completion. Regardless of the size or type of architecture, we employ in-house experts who provide specialized services to guide clients through the architectural design process. We specialize in a wide variety of architecture. From residential projects to commercial projects to adaptive reuse projects, we deliver the highest quality architect services. Additionally, our customer service is unparalleled. Contact us today to explore the architect services Evolve has to offer.

Our Design-Build Services

Design-build is a project delivery method in which all architect and building services fall under one contract. Our design-build services are the most cost-effective and time-efficient in the industry. We focus on delivering value at a fair price. Evolve’s design-build services allow you as the owner to streamline your project through each architectural design phase. Our design-build services enable Evolve to maintain control of the project from start to finish. This benefits you as the owner because we are dedicated to maintaining your initial design concept and vision with architectural integrity. It also allows you to have one point of contact throughout the entirety of your project.

We conduct feasibility studies and test fits as part of our architect services.

This architectural service includes zone analysis and allows us to maximize a specific site or piece of land. We also analyze site constraints in order to effectively design architecture within those constraints. Once we have conducted the feasibility study, Evolve designs different building and landscape options for you as the owner to evaluate.

Evolve employs a number of in-house specialists to further streamline your experience during the architectural design process.

From start to finish, Evolve handles the architectural design process in-house. Our specifications writer writes thorough project manuals for each project. Our accessibility specialist reviews every project in detail to ensure that we meet accessibility requirements and building codes for the jurisdiction and type of project. Our landscape architects deliver seamless outdoor-indoor designs. Our construction coordination team stays closely involved with each project once it enters the construction phase. Our architecture services include working drawings of floor plans, buildings, and landscapes. After negotiation with you as the owner, our team begins drafting a detailed 3D rendering of your entire project. This 3D rendering becomes the basis for the permit set of drawings.

As a hands-on architecture firm, an additional service we provide is permitting all of our projects ourselves.

Our in-house permitting team streamlines the architectural design process for our clients and sets our architecture firm apart from others. Before permitting, we perform an in-depth review of each background drawing as well as a cross-coordination review. This allows us to check different architectural disciplines against each other to avoid problems and ensure the building permit process goes smoothly. Once the permit for the built environment is in hand, the contractor and your project management team work together to begin construction.

We excel at all types of architecture.

Evolve is not just a residential projects architecture firm. While we have significant experience with residential projects, we also specialize in commercial and adaptive reuse architecture. When it comes to adaptive reuse, each licensed architect at Evolve is experienced in renovation and renewal of an existing building. Our architects and designers use their engineering expertise to ensure that adaptive reuse projects are up-to-date on building codes. Interior design is an important element of any architecture project, and especially so for adaptive reuse. For any adaptive reuse project, we recognize the significance of the existing building to the community and to you as the owner. We work hard to maintain the beauty and meaning of the existing building while delivering impactful architectural design during the renovation.

Our Landscape Design Services

We employ expert landscape architects who are able to work with even the most challenging sites. Even with repeat clients or projects, no two properties are identical. Topographical and infrastructure features necessitate alterations in landscape architecture. We have decades of experience designing and building pools, pool houses, courtyards, and landscapes that integrate seamlessly with our buildings to create a beautiful flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. We pride ourselves on each professional service we offer in our landscape architecture. We deliver architecture that is inspiring and high-quality in spite of landscape constraints or challenging sites. Our experienced landscape architects are involved with each phase of the architecture design process.

Preliminary Design Phase Landscape Design Services

During the Preliminary Design phase, Evolve Architects conducts a feasibility study for your site to determine how best to engineer the landscape. Conducting feasibility studies for every project allows our architects to design buildings that best interact with the surrounding landscapes. Our landscape architects also present different zoning options to you as the owner during the Preliminary Design phase.

Schematic Design Phase Landscape Design Services

During the Schematic Design phase, our landscape architects design several concepts of landscape architecture for your specific site. Once you as the owner have approved the schematic landscape architecture design, we move into the Design Development phase. In the Design Development phase, your landscape architect designs a detailed rendering of the landscape architecture for your approval.

Construction Documents and Construction Phase Landscape Design Services

During the Construction Documents and Construction phases of the architectural design process, our landscape architects stay closely involved with your project. We provide additional information and updates to the site plan as needed. We strive to keep overall construction cost on budget.

Our Construction Planning

and Scheduling Services

Evolve Architects employs experienced construction coordinators who oversee the project once it gets into the Construction Documents and Construction phase. Having these team members in-house streamlines construction planning and scheduling. Our architect services are designed to take the stress of construction planning and scheduling off of you as the project owner. We thoroughly complete all permitting and construction documents. We maintain strong relationships with each contractor and subcontractor with whom we work to ensure that construction planning and scheduling goes smoothly. Our construction coordinators make regular site visits and keep the construction process moving efficiently. We pride ourselves on maintaining timelines and delivering the highest quality architecture on schedule.

Architect Services Near Me

Evolve Architects has completed significant projects in all major markets in the Midwest and Southern United States, including Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Each licensed architect at Evolve is registered through the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) and is able to acquire licensure in any of the 50 states. Our staff also includes an architect licensed in Mexico. Wherever you are located, Evolve is here to provide you with the highest quality architect services. Contact us today to begin the architectural design process.