Evolve’s Architect Portfolio

Evolve’s professional architecture portfolio ranges from residential to commercial, from multifamily to adaptive reuse. With nearly four decades of architecture experience, our vast portfolio filled with functional and beautiful designs speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on innovative, sustainable architecture design that serves the whole community. Our online portfolio highlights projects in each of the architectural categories in which we specialize. The examples on our architecture portfolio website, however, are not an exhaustive list. Contact us today to learn more about our architect portfolio and how we can support your architecture vision.

We are residential, senior housing, and student living architects in Austin with one of the most diverse portfolios.

In addition to our multifamily and high-density architecture, Evolve also has decades of experience designing student housing and senior housing. Our student housing architecture blends community and social spaces with quiet areas for students to study and relax. The Crest at Pearl student housing complex at the University of Texas showcases our creative work. Our architecture firm focuses on designing student-centered spaces that are both eye-catching and comfortable. Axis West Campus is another Evolve student housing complex at the University of Texas. Axis West is a beautiful portfolio example of student housing architecture which is thoughtfully designed for both work and play.

Evolve’s senior housing architecture is designed to be comfortable and welcoming. The interior design of each senior housing project is thoughtfully engineered to feel simultaneously cozy and spacious. Luxurious community amenities tailored for seniors combine with inviting private spaces for a layout that allows for ease of living. The Mariposa Apartment Homes at South Broadway showcases our stunning luxury amenities. These amenities include a beautiful community kitchen with high ceilings and state of the art appliances, a well-appointed business center, a full gym with a variety of exercise equipment, a spacious lobby with comfortable seating, and a stunning pool area. Our Mariposa Apartment Homes at Elk Drive include all of these architectural amenities as well as a beauty salon on the premises. Our architect firm prides ourselves on designing senior housing that enables residents to live happy, healthy lives. We work hard so residents at our properties can live easy.

Our experience in high-density housing is unmatched.

for residents’ daily lives. Each Evolve high-density architecture project is both visually appealing and also functional. In our mixed-use high-density projects, residents have the beauty and tranquility of their own homes, as well as open and inviting community spaces to meet a wide range of living needs. Our Water Marq property is a successful portfolio example of Evolve’s signature blend of private and public spaces. The Clark Austin is a high-density project that perfectly illustrates Evolve’s focus on seamless indoor-outdoor living. Our interior designer creates beautiful indoor spaces that flow into outdoor living areas. Our landscape architects deliver a plethora of landscape features designed to be enjoyed year round.

We design adaptive reuse architecture that looks toward the future while honoring the past.

Adaptive reuse projects require a professional architect with a specific skill set. Renovating old or historic buildings is a meaningful and rewarding task. Evolve Architects prioritize maintaining the feel of the old building while bringing in modern amenities and luxuries. We take inspiration from the building’s past and weave it into our architectural design process. We work closely with an interior designer on all adaptive reuse projects to ensure that the interior design honors the history of the building while still delivering modern-day flair and an updated layout. New Braunfels Landmark Lofts is an architectural portfolio example which highlights this beautifully. Originally a 1920s hydroelectric plant, Evolve Architects carefully maintained the building’s stunning exposed brick walls and industrial feel, transforming it into a high-end, mixed-use residential building.

landscaping with sidewalks around a pond with fountains at The Gardens in TX

Our commercial building design is innovative and inspiring.

Barley and Bean commercial property

As our name suggests, our architect firm is constantly evolving and growing in new directions. Designing beautiful, cutting-edge commercial architecture is a priority for Evolve as we move into the future. Our commercial architectural portfolio, our past projects, and our clients’ unique needs serve as inspiration for new commercial projects. We carefully consider the market and the target audience for each commercial product design. In a commercial building design project, an Evolve professional architect and their architect team go through the entire design process with the client. From a sketch to a technical drawing and from a detailed rendering to constructing a 3D model, Evolve Architects works tirelessly to ensure that we deliver the highest quality commercial building design.

Barley & Bean in Austin is a successful portfolio example of our innovative commercial building design and creative work. The facade has incredible curb appeal, beckoning customers inside the building. The interior design is an impactful blend of industrial and cozy. Evolve ensures that the layout of any commercial building is designed thoughtfully to provide the best customer experience. Our architects and engineers use their years of experience and skill to deliver commercial architecture that is sure to drive success.

We are renowned multifamily architects.

Evolve specializes in modern condominiums with indoor-outdoor living spaces that flow perfectly into one another. Each project included in our design portfolio highlights the natural light and beauty of our spaces. Our condos are built with high-end interior design features that allow residents to fully enjoy day-to-day living. For example, our lovely Greenview Condominiums in our architecture portfolio show our attention to interior design detail as well as to indoor-outdoor living with the stunning pool complex. Settler South Congress is another Evolve condominium project in our portfolio that shows off interior spaces filled with sunlight and eye-catching building exteriors and facades.

Our garden multifamily buildings are the architecture for which Evolve is best known. As an architectural firm, we design each multifamily building to be both a respite for residents and a place in which community members can gather. As is evident with the Muir Lake Apartments in our architect portfolio, our landscape architects work closely with our chief architects to design buildings that seamlessly interact with and highlight the natural surroundings. Our Creekside on Parmer Lane multifamily design honors historical Texas architecture while also providing the most up-to-date luxury amenities.

Evolve’s online portfolio on our portfolio website is just a sample of the work of which we are capable.

We consistently deliver architecture that is purposeful, beautiful, and functional. As seen in our architect portfolio, Evolve designs with both the individual and the community in mind. We   pride ourselves on completing the architecture design process on time and on budget. From a hand drawing to an Adobe Illustrator rendering to a 3D model, our professional architects skillfully design Evolve projects in-house from start to finish. For more inspiration beyond our digital portfolio, contact us today.