Commercial Architects with a Powerful Mission

Our mission is to be an industry leader in designing the highest quality, most attractive places to live, work, and play. With over three decades of experience, we bridge the gap between ideas and innovation, inspiring and enriching communities and creating enduring spaces for memories of a lifetime.

EVOLVE ARCHITECTS is an award‑winning, full service commercial architecture firm located in Austin, Texas.

As commercial architects, our vision is to provide architectural inspiration that fulfills and enriches communities to build a better future. Like our name suggests, we are constantly evolving, as are the communities in which we work. We streamline the design process for our clients, providing the highest quality architectural services in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Our architecture is thoughtfully designed to fit the needs of both client and community.

Experienced Commercial Architects

Ranked as one of the top commercial architects in Austin, Evolve Architects, formerly Kelly Grossman Architects, has extensive experience with high density architecture, student housing, condominiums, garden multi-family architecture, commercial architecture, senior housing, and adaptive reuse architecture.

Enriching Communities

Our architecture enriches communities and inspires community members to build a better future. With our unmatched in-house services and customer service experience, we build long-term, fulfilling relationships with our clients in Texas and all across the United States and Mexico. Contact us today to learn why we are the best commercial architects to bring your dreams to life.

Our Portfolio

Full-Service Commercial Architects

Evolve is a fully-staffed, full-service architecture firm. With our robust process in place, we walk our clients through every step of the architecture design process. We provide architectural services from project conception through construction, with unparalleled customer service and communication throughout. Evolve Architects has three Principals, each of whom works or consults on every commercial project.

Our growing team currently includes six project managers, each with a team of designers and land planners. Evolve employs a number of in-house specialists to streamline the architectural design process.

Our in-house specialists streamline the architectural design process.

Our specifications writer writes thorough project manuals for each project. Evolve’s accessibility specialist carefully reviews each project for accessibility requirements for any jurisdiction. Our landscape architect first presents different zoning options to clients. Then the landscape architect works with clients to design buildings to best interact with the surrounding landscape. Our commercial landscape architects create purposeful landscape designs. Evolve’s landscapes are designed to enhance our buildings and tie them in with the property, creating a beautiful flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our construction coordinators keep your project moving.

Our construction coordinators oversee each construction project, making site visits, submitting requests for information (RFIs), completing construction documents, and communicating with the client each step of the way. Evolve’s construction coordinators have strong, ongoing relationships with a large number of different contractors, subcontractors, and an interior design firm. This is an asset to Evolve and our clients as our projects move into construction and project completion. We are able to utilize these relationships to ensure a smooth and efficient construction phase for any commercial project or residential projects.

Our architectural services include feasibility studies and test fits.

We work within a client’s given land parameters and building requirements to thoughtfully design architecture. Our architecture and landscapes not only meet our client’s needs, but also the needs of the surrounding community. Evolve’s landscape architect conducts a zone analysis, studies constraints, and asks questions in order to provide the client with several different options that maximize the site. Our residential architect ensures that the project is best suited to meet the needs of future residents and the community as a whole. As the best commercial architects in Austin, we deliver landscape and architecture plans with confidence that they are buildable.

We embrace the evolution of design.

While other architecture firms often treat client-requested changes as a nuisance, we recognize that changes are a necessary part of the architecture design process. Whenever a client requests changes to a proposal, we make those changes extremely quickly to avoid causing delays in the process. We also consult with clients before starting the design process to budget for changes in our initial proposal. This allows us to stay within budget and avoid submitting unnecessary change orders. We focus on delivering high quality architecture with a fair and competitive price.

Our Local and Global Impact

We design the spaces and places in which people live out their daily lives.

As an architectural firm, Evolve recognizes that all of our projects have a powerful impact on the community. We get to know each community in which we work so that we can provide community members with architecture that will improve their lives. Our urban design projects enhance and enrich the community. Each commercial architect we employ takes pride in fitting the needs of both the community and the client in every project.

As commercial architects, we design architecture of which the entire community can feel proud.

Community members are happier, more productive, and more service-minded when the spaces in which they work and live work for them. It is our goal to design buildings and landscapes that have a positive impact on their users, so that those people can have a positive impact on their communities. Besides the beautification of our projects, we incorporate a mix of public and private access whenever possible. We incorporate community gathering spaces into our designs, providing spaces for public and private interface and community building.

Sustainable design in architecture is of the utmost importance to us at Evolve Architects.

Beyond our focus on local communities, we are also keenly aware of our global impact. The City of Austin’s Green Building Program was the country’s first comprehensive program created to encourage the use of sustainable design techniques in commercial building, residential projects, multi-family architecture, and municipal construction.

Evolve Architects has been a member of the Green Building Program since 2003. Each of our projects is uniquely designed as green, incorporating sustainability, livability, and constructability throughout the entire process. Our staff has experience in generating high-quality, sustainable design and construction in order to provide greater efficiency, comfort and durability to benefit occupants and clients. We have completed over 20 projects that have received a Green Building rating from Austin Energy with more to come.

Commercial Architects Near Me

Evolve Architects has completed significant projects in all major markets in the Midwest and Southern United States. Our work can be found throughout Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We have designed and implemented construction on over 200,000 apartment units across more than 625 projects in this broad geographic area.

In addition to multi-family architecture, we have completed a wide variety of other commercial architecture projects. Our architecture firm specializes in guiding complex projects from initial concept formulation through construction to final completion of the development. Each of our architects is registered through the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) and able to acquire licensure in any of the 50 states. Our staff also includes an architect licensed in Mexico.

We can confidently deliver on any type of architecture from residential architecture to retail space and commercial space.

As a design firm, we pride ourselves in working with clients who share our vision of both profitability and betterment of the community. We build mutual respect with our clients as we partner to bring the best versions of their visions to reality. With over three decades in the industry, we have unmatched experience in a vast range of architecture.

Our residential projects include townhome units that merge function and style, garden style apartments that bring indoor-outdoor living to residents, and mid-rise high-density apartments packed with luxe amenities. We design high-end apartments and luxury apartments with the most cutting edge features. One of our condominium designs was a featured project in Austin Architects. We also design student housing that blends comfort with fun and senior housing that is warm and inviting.

Our commercial architecture designs surprise, delight, and welcome customers.

We have also completed numerous rehabilitation and renovation projects of older or pre-existing spaces, merging the beauty of the past with modern accommodations. Further, we have notable experience designing affordable housing and tax credit projects that allow all community members to live with comfort and dignity.

At Evolve Architects, our team does not rest on our years of experience. Each team member participates in monthly continuing education in our field, often hosted in our own office space. Our up-to-date knowledge combined with our extensive past experience has made our architecture firm the first choice for many government entities developing HUD projects, TDHCA projects, SMART housing projects, and affordable housing projects. These projects involve numerous third party reviewers, complex paperwork, and a specialized architecture design skill set. We are experts in this process. Our in-house accessibility specialist is involved in each of our projects. Accessibility codes are complex, vary widely from place to place, and are constantly changing. Our accessibility specialist maintains current training and certification to ensure we deliver on the accessibility codes legally required for a given project.

What sets us apart from other commercial architects?

Evolve Architects stands out from other commercial architects because of our…

  • Extensive Experience

  • Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

  • Community-Mindedness

We have over three decades of experience.

Our decades of experience set us apart from our competitors. With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the longest-standing commercial architecture firms in Austin. We have a vast portfolio of a wide-range of multi-family architecture projects, which means we have an enormous number of precedents from which to pull. Our architecture design team knows that there are no two projects that are exactly alike. The amount of experience we have, however, means that we have expertise in every conceivable architecture design challenge or problem that may arise. Our experience is instrumental for our team in quickly recognizing and solving problems with creativity, integrity, and cost-effectiveness.

Every space we design serves as the background for the lives of community members.

We take immense pride in every project we complete, from affordable housing to luxury condos. We work to maximize the space within the needs of the owner and the community. Because of our decades of experience, we are capable of working under many different constraints and conditions. We are experts in solving problems quickly and designing creative solutions to deliver the highest quality architecture regardless of constraints.

Evolve Architects delivers unparalleled customer service.

Our process is thorough and detail-oriented. We walk our clients through each step of the architecture design process. Further, our leadership team is always available to our clients. We are highly responsive because we know that delays in communication cause delays in project completion. Our clients value the immediacy of our communication as we share the collective goal of maintaining the momentum of the architecture process. Also, changes in design for any number of reasons are inevitable in the architecture industry. Rather than shying away from changes, we value our clients’ needs, vision, and budget, and work to make changes quickly to deliver the highest quality results possible.

Our customers value the in-house nature of our firm.

We employ an accessibility specialist, a number of landscape architects and landscape designers, and a dedicated specifications writer. Our in-house construction coordinators lead each construction project and handle all construction documents. Providing these services in-house streamlines the process and eliminates avoidable delays for our clients. We also maintain strong relationships with contractors, subcontractors, and several government entities. These relationships ensure that we can deliver a design solution to any problem we encounter during the architecture design process and the construction process.

We excel at permitting.

We pride ourselves on being a hands-on firm, permitting all of our projects ourselves. Permitting is one of the most time consuming aspects of any architecture project, and something with which other commercial architecture firms often struggle. Having in-house permitting capabilities allow us to move through the process without delays. Our clients appreciate our ability to permit all types of projects, as it cuts down on third-party needs and keeps the process efficient.

Architectural Design Process:

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